Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dalek backstory

My Dalek Backstory, or, if you cannot have the Daleks you want, rationalising the ones you have.

When you start to travel in time and space, strange anomalies can occur. Imagine now, dear reader, a Dalek fleet fleeing the Morvellan plague virus. Finally settling on a hostile jungle planet, they start to rebuild, growing in numbers and installing the most senior in a large static Emperor machine.

They are discovered and attacked by a strange humanoid creature who infects the drone's computers with a virus, making the Dalek creature react similarly to a human child. Fortunately the Black Daleks and Emperor are unaffected and after a brief struggle, order is restored. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URlwEkaFj7k


Damage has been done, the lasting effect of the virus is a change in perception, a dormant race memory of the presence of limbs has been awoken, the old travel machines feel like prisons. The Emperor decides to return to a spaceborn existence. New travel machines are constructed for a space environment based on a Spider-Dalek model. Later improvements include upgraded maglev motive power and a heavier weapons system capable of handling Mechanoids and other new foes.

A new Dalek Empire is formed. Followed by the revolt of its 2nd Conquest Army under General Xenol inspired by Science Dalek Yttral.