Friday, 4 May 2018

RS Ogron Pirates vs Ying Tong Militia

Last of our trial games.  Two old teams, revamped, repainted.

I rolled 11 Control Terrain (again-) and Home Planet.  So Militia vs Pirates, that's got to be a raid prompting a response.

I decided to use my (mostly) painted Alternative Army buildings and I quickly painted (yes, still wet-) my recent walls & barricades purchase from their mad March sale.  Tower is an LED light from Poundland.

I'd never considered using this mat as a building base, but it works rather well.  I'd usually add a layer then building.  The base looks brown in the pics but is black.

If I'd had 'em I'd have used the Elven buildings with the orc ones & me Blotz sheds.

Ogron Pirates Tactical Discipline Determined 4 remove stress tokens
The whole crew:

Captain Ron Big, Leadership2, Marksman1, Martial arts2, Reactive, Tough, Veteran 42
Plasma pistol, (4) Kevlar jacket jacket Torso 2 8

'arry Big, Martial arts2, Tech1, Reactive, Tough, 22
Intrusion kit +2 tech roll, 4
Monowire scythe damage 3 armour 1pt less Cleave, opponent OOA critical hit 8

Driscoll Brothers, Vin-I and Spine-I
Big, Ampidextrous, Fire into melee, Marksman2, reactive, tough, 41
2xPlasma pistol, (4) 6, Kevlar jacket 6 12 53 each

Pistoleer Big, Fire into melee, Marksman (2) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough, 33 Flit, Git & Hit
Plasma pistol (4) 6, Kevlar2, 6 12

Pirate Big, Marksman (2) Martial arts (1) Reactive, Tough, 28 Irk, Jerk, Lurk, Mirk
Kevlar2, 6 Heavy blaster (6) 8 14

Gunner Big, Marksman (1) Reactive, Tough , 36 Bob, Curly and no-name
Kevlar2, 6 Machine gun (5) 10 16

4 pirates Irk, Jerk, Lurk Mirk.= 168
1 “new” Pistoleer  Git = 32 Pistoleer Big, Marksman (1) Reactive, Tough, 20  Plasma pistol (4) 6, Kevlar, 6 12

Note- no leader.

Ying Tong militia. Tactical discipline Brawlers 10 roll failed melee attacks

I hope to get a "Big Trouble in Little China" meets Bladerunner feel.   

Plus, I'm thinking that the new Batman in feudal Japan manga----.  Revamped, more to come:

Pointy Ying
Leader3, Marksman3, Martial Arts3, Veteran 48
Light combat dress 14 Zap rifle (4) 21

Su Ying
Martial Arts3, Tough1, Weaponmaster 3 23
Light combat dress 14 Forcesword (4) 6 20

Tinga Ying
Marksman1, Martial Arts2, 14
Light combat dress 14 Vibroblade (3) 4 Zap pistol (3) 5 23

Vin Ying
Marksman3, Martial Arts3, 24
Light combat dress 14 Zap rifle (4) 21

Wang Ying
Leader1, Martial Arts3, Robotech1, Tech1 18
Kevlar 6 Motion detector 4 (+2 spot) Intrusion kit 4 (+2) 14

Xs sw Ying
Marksman1, Martial Arts3, Medic2 18
Light combat dress 14 Zap pistol built in (3) 6 20

Yel Ying
Marksman3, Martial Arts3, 24
Light combat dress 14 Vibroblade (3) 4 Zap pistol (3) 5 23

Zeel Ying
Marksman3, Martial Arts3, 24
Light combat dress 14 Vibroblade (3) 4 Zap pistol (3) 5 23

Big, Tough1 Weaponmaster2 15
Combat dress 18 Zap rifle (4) 7/ Force glaive (4) 6 31

Huge, Nonreactive, Tough2, Weaponmaster3 21
Power armour 36 Power gauntlelx2, 10 Zap rifle built-in (4) 8 54

Wang Ying, Su Ying, Tinga Ying, Vin Ying, Xs sw Ying. Total 193, 1 stun grenade brings it up to 197.

The Game  Tony took the Ogrons and got going quick. I managed to get Su Ying on be reaction.

Abandoned street, wind blows dirt.  Swordsman faces pirate going "WA!" and twirling a lot.  The pirate shoots his head off.  Now that should be in a movie!

Which is nice 'cos most of mine are now stressed and pinned BEFORE they get on the board.  Tony relinquishes initiative and my lot creep on.

It's a long shot-


The medic's the best line-up-

So HE goes down, mortally wounded.  Come on!  Tinga Ying takes a shot, but it's too far for a pistol.

If you look through the gap.  His first shot enlarges the gap- his second mortally wounds Vin Ying

The boss primes and throws his grenade, but missed.

I'm getting surrounded!

The boss grabs the wounded Vin Ying and drags him off double quick.

Git goes for broke, shooting my leader at long range.

My leader goes down, but the medic is pulled clear.  I didn't give Tony one stress!

Game 2, Change Ends!

Tony takes the Ying Tong, can he do any better?  Can I do any worse!  I won the initiative, but Tony did better than me with reactions.

In a rematch-

Boss primes and then throws his grenade.

Now I'd missed, but Tony rolls a 20.  There's no critical for stun grenades, so I figure the damn thing hits the poor Ogron between the eyes then goes off-.

Tinga Ying gets 3 and runs in slashing!

 Vin Ying lines up a shot.

Got him-

Git runs in, being new he didn't know to bring a pistol to a sword fight-.

"Waa-Wom!"  One down

Then Git gets got.

 Vin Ying lines up another-.

The boss goes over to the poor chap he'd stunned and martial arts his boot into his head.  Bye the way, the medic never got on the board-.

Considering I'd undercoated in gesso then a weak ink wash whilst not quite dry, I'm happy with these walls, etc.  They are quite soft resin so easy to cut.

Hum ok.  interesting games.  Scenery worked, bit to duck into, cover.  Now we are ready-.