Saturday, 17 March 2018

FL Rematch Sheyang vs Crusties

All the way back in December last year we tried Sheyang vs Crusties. That didn't work well, so I decided to try for a rematch.

The plot! The last archeological remnant of a mediochre civilisation stomped by the crusties. Designated an Universal Place of Interest by the  Council of Smug and Important Beings.

Here is the last ruins of the famed city of Miltonkeynes. There is a Sheyang merchant ship's (Centennial Sparrow) lander & crew looking for anything portable-.

Captain Red
Points 96 Quality 4+ Combat 4
Special Rules -Carbine, -Flash Bang Grenade, Body Armour, Jungle-craft, Leader, Personal Communication Device, Short Move, Strong

Slug Throwers
Points 84 Quality 4+ Combat 4
Special Rules -Drum Fed Light Machine Gun, -Flash Bang Grenade, Body Armour, Personal Communication Device, Short Move, Strong

Grenade launcher
Points 93 Quality 4+ Combat 4
Special Rules -Flash Bang Grenade, -RPG, Body Armour, Personal Communication Device, Short Move, Strong

Add-on Techie - Personality
Points 6
Quality 6+
Combat 0
Special Rules
Medic (professional), Specialist, Weapons Expert

Sheyang Crew.
Captain Red  96
Bert Slug thrower, Combat Fiend +20 = 104
Wigy Grenade launcher = 93
Uty  Slug thrower =84
Suty Slug thrower =84
Tuty Slug thrower =84
Vuty Grenade launcher = 93
Techie with Slug thrower =90

Total 728

Crustie Paramilitary Crew

Crustie Trooper Leader
Points 62
Quality 3+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Climber, Leader, Sprinter

Crustie Trooper
Points 24
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Climber, Sprinter

Crustie Infantry Rifle
Armour Piercing, Auto Fire, Combat +2, Range: Medium, Select Fire

Crustie light support
Armor Piercing, Auto Fire, Combat +4, Range: Long, Spread
Crustie Force
Leader with rifle =90
10 Troopers + rifle =520
2 Trooper with support= 128
Total 738

The Game.  Tony took the Crusties, started with a slow, cautious advance.

I was clustered around the ship.


Tony did an excellent job of placing his SW, dammit.

First SW burst.

Second. Takes out the captain.

Dug in here as snug as a Boxian Smurg at mating time.

Mine head for cover at a fast waddle.

Interlocking fields of fire, but I get a grenade in.

Trying for more cover.

SW covers a retreating friend, officer goes "Oi!"

So much for cover-.

One of mine ducks into the ship (on top) but the rest are dead or pinned down.

Going for the ship.

"Get out here and fight!"

A flurry of shots, grenades and it's game change.

The last flurry cost the Crusties.

Cover, not good cover, but enough.

I'm happy here- a grenade, but not too close.

The other SW isn't so lucky.

That deadly, grenade kissed gap.

a dead friend is excellent cover.

With only one SW and half gone, the Crusties lack the means to press on.  One Sheyang regains the ship.

And the second.  The butchers bill was high on both sides.

Terrain feature and cup holder!

Officer & heavy weapons