Tuesday, 4 July 2017

OAAH, The Shape of my VSF To Come

This year is my year of Mars. Last year I “did” normal VSF.

I've felt hampered by the lack of rules. Most out there are for small skirmish or designed around a specific figure range. I needed a set of fast, fun rules that could cope with everything I could throw at it.

That is to say up to 10 units, 50-100 figures or less.  Playable in 2-3 hours

By the Small Gods of Happenchance and Wargaming we get accepted to playtest Ganesha's Of Armies and Hordes. - And it's all there, flying boats armed with artillery and carrying up to 16 infantry. Not too powerful land vehicles.

Zip down and have a look at our first beta game.

You're going to have to wait 2-3 weeks for my first bash, but I thought I'd give you some highlights:

Canal Martian City-State, not a rich one.

Hill Martians, first a normal tribe, then one under Japanese influence. Think about it, all those now-surplus antiquated arms and armour--.

Green Martians- well, you have to.

An European funded (more surplus-) mercenary unit using the dregs of Martian society. Think that Belgium lot on Tarzan.

First up, RPE's 1879 range. A forgotten city in the wastelands. Or it could be another version of Atlantis or some lost empire in Africa.

Most city states seem to form a Tercio style Renaissance army. With some rather exotic elements. The bare bases are for the halberdiers/swordsmen – I want to make some pikes as well.
Zombie hordes, maiden and guard gun armed infantry plus zombie rifle armed skirmishers. Needs artillery and some small flyers.


Zombie skirmishers

Guard infantry


Peter Pigs Martians. These need a weapon-upgrade and a bit more paint. I've based these from John Carter, remember in the film they are pursued by scruffy, desert dwelling greens? Well, more a dirty buff-sort of scuffed! Ideal mercenary or raiding force. Needs transport beast for the guns.

Old technology, sort of AA or organ gun

"Sarge?" - "Yus lad" - "We-re not going to get out of this undead, are we Sarge?"

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