Wednesday, 5 April 2017

OGAM Uji 2 follow-on raid

Uji follow-on.

We had such fun with the last game (plus the fact I'd been making buildings) we thought a follow-on was mooted. Although I hadn't made one, so settled on the outskirts of a monastery instead. Following the original battle the Imperial forces attacked the monasteries who supported the rebellion.  Here's the plot: all the mounted troops have gone tear-assing ahead to get the glory, leaving the PBI to make their own time.

I've also bought the “one of everything” set from the latest Sengoku range, and wanted to get more in play, and try out some of my ideas. I started to do an article on the latest batch, plus ideas for use. I'm trying to playtest some of the most-unusual. It has grown into looking at the entire range, you'll noticed using “drunkard” for the goblins rather than have them as ersatz humans last week.

Raijin, God of Thunder 368 points Q2 C4 Lightning, Weather Control, Flying, Long Move, Hammering Blow

Warlord 144 points Q3 C3 Armoured, Mounted, Long Move, Shooter (Long), Bard, Rare (1)

Legendary Hero Q3 C3 Armoured, Shooter (Long), Mounted ,Long Move, Good Shot and Legendary Shooter 136

Shugenja 50 points Q3 C1 Transfix
Bodyguard Bake-Neko, Giant Goblin Cats, 2 @ 38 (½) = 38 points Q3 C3, Stealth, Ambusher, Forester
(a bodyguard makes a “unit” out of a legend, but cannot attack or shoot, but will always get in way of archery or attackers. The Bake-Neko worked well, they had an excellent battle and died well.)
Samurai (CO) Q4 C2 Armoured, Mounted, Long Shooter (Long) and Good Shot 8x47 = 376

God 368
Legends 387
Mortals 376

Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun 212 points Q2 C3 Burst of Light, Breathtaking Beauty

Nurikabe A phantom wall Legend Q4 C1 Shadowform Confound. 2 @36 = 72
(these were real fun, and survived! I'll use these again)

Tanuki Shugenja Q4 C2, Ambusher, Free engage, Stealth. Trickster @68
Bodyguard Inugami dog spirit Q3 C3 Artificial, Transfix 3 @ 47 (½) 71
(Note the difference from above – Inugami should have been Q4 or both Q3, these again worked well)
Monk Heroes Q3 C3 Armoured, Combat master, Group Fighter, 2 @ 106 = 212
(second outing, I think I've got this right)

Tanuki, Q4 C2, Ambusher, Free disengage, Stealth. 8 @24 =192
(a real fun, different unit(s) that caused Tony to be very cautious- just as you would be in enemy urban ground. I think these are pretty good, may need to use them again.)

Sohei of Mii-dera (CO) 19 points Q4 C2 Fanatic 8x19= 152
Armed Peasant (OO) Q4 C1 Rare 8 @ 10 = 80

God 368
Legend 317
Mortals 424

The game.
A look at the 2 sides above and you'd think that it was very one sided, with Tony's Samurai having all the fire power. If there's any bumpth in the rules about ambush, I couldn't find it. So I gave Tony the initiative, declared (and mapped) that I'd set an ambush, which counted as my first placement.

Tony was very, very cautious with the bulk on one flank and a cavalry unit on his front. I confronted that lot with my Shugenja and the 2 Nurikabe. That's it. I started to withdraw, aiming to lure him into the ambush.

Didn't work of course. His cavalry came at my Shugenja but my Inugami did their transfix thing (oh for someone to join in!) and started to tear them apart, I got 3 before the last one got away- much better than I'd expected.

My monks came tearing out on reaction and headed for Tony's hero. Didn't make it, he sidestepped (free disengage, dammit) and smote my monk dead.

The lady strode from the doorway in a mysterious way to the side of the Shugenja before engaging and killing the Warlord. She then moved on to the Shugenja, a right catfight that saw them retreat to be followed up, repeat. In the end she killed the cats and sliced the Shugenja. She was aided by my peasants, I had intended them to be a blocking unit but they ended up praying a lot.

Starting with reactions from the catfight, Raijin starts following Amaterasu. He used 2 to get LOS on my Shugenja and zapped him with his lightning. Scrap him and the doggies sink into a pile of scruffy fur and dust that blows away--. Then he hits my monks like a buzz saw and aided by the hero, wipes them out.

I'm now left with 'er and my 2 Nurikabe and my praying peasants -oh yes, my hiding Tanuki* . One has been having fun confusing Tony's flanking Samurai, even if the managed to in the direction they wanted a couple of times. Tony has said cavalry, one survivor and his hero.

The cavalry make a break for the gate, dashing past Amaterasu and end up close, real close to the ambush, so it's now or never! Out they dash, but only 2 out of 3! The Samurai take the reaction and hop out of range- just. The Tanuki touch them but nothing left. If they'd got all 3, +2 ambush, outnumber – they could have been contenders. As it is the Samurai use their free engage and dash through into the monastery and a honorable death.

Amaterasu has now gone full circle around the table and engages Raijin and kills him again. With no-one left to invoke him, I get to win!

Different game! Several “ifs n buts” but on the whole the new elements worked well giving depth to the Legends and being fun to play with and against.

*“Ok, we've practiced this, first row grab one testicle, stretch, stand on it, now stretch and up with the other one”. - “Excellent, second row up on their shoulders- Hujo-you're the door, now hold tight!”