Monday, 21 March 2016

Southpaws Ambush in Southpark

Hello playmates! Sorry for delay in posting, life keeps throwing large lumps at me which gets in the way of wargaming. I know! Still. We first started using these PAU vehicles in Jan & April 2014. Not quite finished yet, need new wheels. 2 years, not bad.

Ganesha's site is down and I didn't have time to worry too much so I used “prior knowledge” to run the game without bothering with points.
I've just added stowage, managed to drop whole force-

A quick look at the forces.
PAU 2 patrol cars armed with missiles (indirect, stationary) and plasma gun (direct move n shoot) command car with HMG with AP ammo. 2 trucks with nothing. The patrol would have a mounted section or APC as normal.

Southpaws, scout section walkers one each missile, indirect, railgun direct long range and plasma direct short range. Like its opposition would normally have an attached APC or IFV, or those nice heavy suits or skimmers.

The Game
I set up a road network, added ruins. I found the bits of scourers I'd painted for my bamboo attempts. I think they work. I envisage a mix of stone & wood buildings that burned well. I added a few wrecks. Note to self, need more wrecks and craters.

I came in on the lower section, the patrol vehicles are off-road capable but the lorries aren't. That makes the flyover (different from my first one, a bit steep-). I proceeded, sending a (patrol)car forward. Tony used a reaction to thump it with a missile, stunning it.

That forced me to a halt, so I started to “waddle” my tail end charlie over the road onto the rough. Tony decided to use his close-in plasma armed vehicle to draw fire. This worked well, the middle lorry was thumped, crew bailed out. My command car and patrol car stunned!

That allowed his railgun scout to cross my path and begin stalking over the flyover to roll me up. But I managed to get my car up n running and thump his scout with a missile. Brewed it, but the crew escaped (another use for the excellent unarmed special forces).

My lead car suffered another missile hit, brewing it. Time to go! I managed to get a truck away but the railgun brewed my patrol car and my command car got it stopping to pick up the first lorry crew.

A good, fast little game.

My shadow basing technique 

This isn't a wtreck its waiting for wheels!

I've  several of these, added GZG missiles to the pylons & a nose gun

Add caption

A penny, destroyed pompom & stuffing

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