Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dragon Rampant first game

Astute readers such as your honoured selves will realise that this a continuation of our King of War/Hordes of The Things test of 3rd January 2016. I've recreated the terrain and used the same troops.
This, in turn is a much simplified version of our other January game  OGAM  gets wet, that I'd advise you to peruse.

Goblin light foot 3
Goblin light missiles 4
Spiders lesser warbeasts 4
Oni greater warbeasts 8
Spiders heavy riders 4
Total 23

Spearmen light foot 3
light foot javelin 4
skeleton light foot 3
archers 4
Satyr & amazon scouts 2
Chariots heavy riders 6
Total 23

pre-game test
On our 3x3 board this gave us a near edge-to-edge game. Although a 3x2 table would have speeded up the process. We halved movement & shooting and started with 1” seperation that soon got ignored completely.

First thoughts.

No playsheet. The reference sheet is useless. And needing a flowchart-.

YougoIgo, we've been spoilt, the idea that I can make a brew while my opponent moves-.

So many fiddly pluses. We are used to the simple and elegant Ganesha method, this felt “clunky”.

Slow, one complete turn for both of us saw one movement.

Dice, rolling 12 we kept getting the same result.

Using reduced units-doesn't feel right, they don't occupy the same frontage and makes it annoying.

In conclusion, after comparing Dragon Rampant, Hordes of The Things and Kings Of War the winner is OGAM, which gives a faster, better balanced and simpler game.

The Game.

Tony won the initiative, couldn't find it in the rules so I placed unit 6”in, then Tony's Japanese.

It took ages to get troops to move by which time all cohesion was gone.

On my right Tony got his Oni's up and into my spear, a ding gong battle which I finally lost. At one stage I did get my chariots to charge them, but I bounced off with no casualties.

On the other flank his heavy spiders crashed into my javelins – I couldn't get them to throw. I eventually got my skirmishers into the temple, then Tony got his beast to charge and wipe them out.

Back to my right we finally got the archers in range of each other and managed one shot each in the entire game.

On the left it was skeletons vs goblins and I actually broke the unit. By this time the Oni had demolished the spears to one.
I conceded as Tony was in possession of the objective and I had nothing to push him out with.

Slow, clunky and annoying. We may try again.

The pen marks the original 6" deployment

The pompom represents a casualty on this reduced unit

We used 2 cups, 1 with 6, 1 with 12 dice in for speed.  Memsaab was a military observer