Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Flying Lead, Godzillasaurus and the port of Mos Ido

I racked my brains on this one.

Twood'ave been very, very easy to invest in's Corporate Ashigaru, particularly the sword bearing ones plus a few more characters, then there's a few more bits needed for OGAM and there's a ton (£100) gone. But I'd ended up with another knock down street fight – and who else would be on the Dominars side?


Outside of the Shoggoths Rest Bar and Grill

In its stead I decided to pare the action down to a glorified bar fight, followed by a street chase. I've watch a few westerns and I'm aware that the inside of a bar is much larger than the outside, plus there must be a few stock items.

Besides the bar, we need a warehouse to house Godzillasaurus and the vehicles plus the goods inward entrance to the field with some sort of barrier and customs post.


I imagine the girls have been sent in ahead to find a pilot (in said seedy space rangers bar) and arrange for warehousing.

 The vehicles would have driven in at night, with a tarp over Godzillasaurus. With one girl left to drive the lorry, that leaves 2 to enter the bar and pick up the crew.

Obviously something has gone wrong, Greenbackusama has learnt something is afoot and decides to muscle in.

The bar is a sheet of funky/EV/hobbyfoam, the tables some old dice made up for FF, topped with Brigade bases while others do the job of stools.

I went a bit mad on the street scene, which was fun.  The bar is top right and the warehouse top centre.

New players.

The Crew of the Flamebug. I didn't cost any of these. All with pistol.
The feisty Captain and his dependable female no.2, Q3 C2, good shots
The doctor, priest and feisty female mechanic C4 C1

The Wild White Duster Bunch. These have already been dealt with in Cops n  Coats sans Frank.
Greenbackusama, Q3, C1

There were a few barflies and a mysterious stranger in a dark corner.

The Game. I guess the Bunch must be really missing Frank. When the girls stroll in*, the guard on the Snug (or lounge bar, if you prefer) took a shot, missed, was then sent back by a close bow shot. The other Duster's moved up. Shotgun in enclosed space should be lethal, but all it managed to achieve was nockdowns. Others shot away and one Duster goes down, another. The bow takes down the third. One with a knife gets up, bad move – in comes the sword and slice. Ouch. But now the shotgun is in perfect range, and it's a miss. Manages to take out 2 wounded on the floor, though. As the crew make for the door the bow takes out the the shotgun.

The crew pile out the door and there's the doorman with a shotgun and the roofguard with a rifle.

 Tony rolls 3 passes, oh- steps back for optimum range, aimed shot with shotgun, and a 1.

 All survive where I expected them all to die!

 He goes down with terminal embarrassment and a fine scrimmage between bow and gun ensues, with the gunman taking the traditional somersault plunge.

Still, a good if quicker game than planned plus lots of nice pics!

*If you live in a culture where schoolgirls have trouble getting into seedy bars – be shocked here.