Monday, 6 April 2015

Cutting CD's and basing walkers - a quick update

Hello to all the new readers!  I hope, oh my gossips, you'll excuse the quickness of this article, but I'm getting behind.

A while ago Tony discovered you could cut CD's under water.

Another breakthrough, we were discussing why and he mentioned the vibration dampening effect.  Got me to thinking.  I'd just rebased some GZG walker tanks and wasn't happy.  So a quick test -.

CD's coated with No-More-Nails can be cut with very sharp scissors or snips.

Here are the walkers on their original good quality ply bases as intended for Gruntz.
Note the shadow, compare with final shape below

Note the warping (it's on a level surface) after the undercoat - I don't spray.

Here are the same in my water-cut finish, represented by the larger area removed from the CD.

Now here is the final article.  Note that there has been no extra glue, the vehicle is simply pressed into the stuff.  Some have had a little lifting and required a bit of superglue, but this one is straight from being hacked about and it will stand being reversed and shaken. No warping.  Proper job. The finished base is slightly thinner than a coin based infantry figures. 

 NOW I can finish painting them for Tony's Southpaw space raptors to use in the near future.