Friday, 20 March 2015

A busy day, Hades for under £5 (a day), open (Matchbox) cabs and a "Huey" lander

This is the sort of thing I normally do on facebook, but I'm not going to be online for a few days, so-.

Pick and Pluck foam Hades for under £5. 'er in doors has a new case for her (ghost) investigation kit. Getting all the bits in meant a lot of foam coming out. Remember my Troy? I've been playing around an OGAM Hades based army, now here's my chance to create a city of/for the dead. The sort of place to be found on barren planets, like Skaro. Deep underground waiting for heroes or Victorian archaeologists. Here evil and time portals await. Also ideal for Battlesworn, actually as foam would be ideal for a travel version! These are my first few trials. Here I'm shaking to test the strength of the bond. Fortunately the glue and foam works well, just use a lot of it so shrinkage gives a good grip. I'm only going to paint the underneath, perhaps some grey, I like the black & white contrast.

I found some awful plastic statues from way back, plus I have a selection of urban rubble.  Proper job.
Open (Matchbox) cabs. Try adding small pompoms, to give the impression of a person in the cab.

Small lander. This type of small APC comes in 2 types. The Matchbox diecast metal with a removable back and an all-plastic version. I remove the wheels and replace the front with a fiddly piece of plastic. The rear lift module is made from a disposable razor head guard with a piece of funky/hobby/ev foam inserted. I tried cutting the guard but its just too fragile. This is my first play, there needs to be some filling for strength. My plan is to use them like Huey's for my UNLI, carrying a squad or specialist team. Needs a nose gun.

 That's all, still, not bad for a day, is it?

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