Thursday, 19 December 2013

OGAM Scenarios

Nothing wrong with the one's in the book!

Deep Forest. This is what you get by watching Kurosawa's Throne of Blood whilst making scenery.

The defender should be a forest god. I suggest a central river with the bridge in the middle and the ford at one end, neither should lead directly to a wood. Five wood bases are placed, one will straddle the river. Each is numbered with a small dice, one at the defenders choice is numbered both 1 and 6.

Defender. Divide your forces, listing any hidden in the forest bases. These are presumed to be in ambush. Defenders forces move as normal.

Attacker. Only units that are foresters, have danger sense or are being led (in base-to-base or column) by a god may move through a wood as normal. Any unit entering a wood will face being ambushed by any units placed there. On exiting the wood, they will find themselves on the edge of a random wood (diced for) and placed by the defender, but not directly by one of his units. A unit of 2 or more bases can be split by, but not dumped in, the river.

You can presume that there is a mist rising from the river that befuddles larger and flying units.

If that doesn't suit, mix wood and ruined building bases together to make a city buried in the woods

Temple Village. A village is located centrally, with a river at one edge, the bridge leads into the village. The temple represents one aspect of the god that the attacker wants to diminish.

Defender should have 5 legends (preferably heroes rather than monsters) and the rest of the force made of poor quality troops.

Attacker may not set up within one long of the temple nor occupy any village base. If the defending god is defeated then the attribute is lost for the duration of the campaign or completion of a quest to restore it.

The Quest. A sacred object is hidden in one of the terrain features (cave, tree in a swamp or back of the wardrobe) or on the person (a grail, fleece or girdle) of one of the defenders Legends. The object may, after invoking, bestow an attribute while in the units possession. A god can sense the object from 1 Long, but only a Legend can retrieve it.

Hells Bells. It's the Millennium, the calender’s just expired or there's an Aaaagh in the month. The god of the underworld, a few mates and their pets decide to have a bit of a barby.

Terrain, any plus one hell-hole in the centre of the table.

Defender starts with every unit in contact with the table edge.

Attacker may bring on one unit per turn, within one long of the hell-hole centre (the exact centre of the table. Each turn a mortal unit spends invoking may be used to place another hell-hole exactly the same size as their base. If the same unit is recoiled into it or destroyed, the hole closes but remains broken ground. Any mortal unit entering a hell-hole is lost. A legend must pass a Q test or be lost.

You could go to town with this one. I can see Colonials with a gun toting Empress doing a god-stand-in. WW1 with the Angel of Mons. Cthulu.