Monday, 5 February 2018

OAAH Beta Wong Ho's Undead Mongol Horde!

"You're  cheating"  - "no, no, Diamyo, you've got it all wrong, see?  There might be some slight resemblance to the last game, but honestly, Shogun, thassa coincidence!"

I have to admit though, that I've taken the opportunity to use some of my most recent purchases.  One thing a blog does for you, gets you organised and you finish things!

I didn't set out to do this, but I sort of hit on something.  Generic skeleton infantry with scraps of cloth armed with a bow, spear or crossbow.  Mix them with more specific troops and they can me Assyrian, Scottish of Mongol.

The plot!  Evil mainland necromancer Wong Ho has been expelled from the court.  Now he plans his evil schemes, raising the dead from the recent invasion and any others he can find.

Bit of a problem with Japanese, their head hunting culture.  So lots of bodies and you have to get a bit creative with heads-.

Wong Ho (the evil) 3 1 6 Necromancer General, Extra lives3, Resilient @ 65

Rat bodyguards 4 2 4 Bodyguard, Dif target. 5 @ 12 = 60
Crab of Doom 3 4 8 Giant5, Fear, Swamp walk, 4xtra lives, Tough 119
Cavalry  4 2 6 Mounted, Fear 12 @ 25 = 300
Armoured Infantry  4 1 5 13 @ 13 169
Spear 4 1 5 24 @ 9 = 216
Archers and crossbows  4 1 5 Shoot2 18 @ 18 = 156
Better archers 3 1 5 Shoot2 5 @ 18 = 90
Rabble  4 1 4 11 @ 5 = 55  (useful for doctoring totals)
Total 1,230

Samurai cavalry Q3 A2 D6, Mounted, Fast, Shoot 3 @ 33 x 12 = 396
Samurai foot Q4 A3 D6 @ 12 x 16 = 192
Samurai archers Q4 A1 D6 Shoot 3 @ 12 x 24 = 288
Follower archers Q4 A1 D4 Shoot 2 @ 12 x 16 = 192
Follower Q4 A3 D4 @ 12 x 16 = 96
General Q3 A2 D6 General, Fast, Shoot 3, extra 2 lives @ 65

Total 1,229

I took the skeletons and as I knew time was going to be short so I set up first.

 I surged forward, Tony used the reactions to move his cavalry to the flanks.

Now that's what a horde of skellies look like!

Cavalry clash!

Tony's more mobile cavalry shoot & run

The crump leaves me with 2! But there's more-.

On the other flank it's monted vs dismounted archer.

Samurai splash in through the rough and kill my cavalry remnant.

More hit and run from Tony's archers.

How's this for a calculated risk.  Strong cavalry behind, heavy infantry in front.  Gambling that I douldn't get it together.  And he was right dammit!

My spear slightly outnumbered.

But they're faced with archers.

The archers go back, 2 surviving units.

But followers with nasty naginatas is a different proposition.

The other spear hold we muddy bit.

Archers go back.

Survivors again.

The Samurai foot thump my spear.

Outclassed, my archers are shafted.

The surviving follower archers support the Samurai.

My cavalry go down-

But so do the Samurai.

Reserves thrown into the pot.

Followers kill heavy skellies.

My flank is turning, the Samurai archers shoot my spear.

Heavies take on Samurai.

Numbers are dwindling.

Here comes Big C, nearly there--

The General is feeling brave.

Small units of heavies are useful against small remnants.

Alas, the general falls to the crushing crab claws!

The survivors

Nice little game. At last a monster that survives!

Quakasama. The local Kami.  This bleak windswept saltmarsh.  Imagine, if you will two peasants carrying bundles of reeds along the lonely road.  From out of the waste comes the haunting cry of a duck.  One turns to the other "were duck?"  the other points "there, there duck".  This statue was raised to watch over the souls of all those killed in the recent invasion.