Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Song of Spear and Shield vs Dragon Rampant Crashing Chariots and Stampeding Spiders

Dragon Rampant vs Song of Spear & Shield.

There are times, oh my hoopy droogs, when wargaming allows me to appear extremely clever. There are other times where even your steamed narrator is forced to slap forehead (sometimes even his own!) and say Doh! A lot.

This is such a time. Frequent pursuers of the forbidden knowledge will remember our dragon wam rampant comparison series. For others pop down to January16.

For some reason I left Song of Spear and shield orf the list. In my defence it's intended as a large scale ancient skirmish set, not a set of fantasy rules. But I'd point out that DR is also such adapted.

In the last game we diced for each figure.  Here we dice for the unit.

This is the Dragon Rampant list:
Japanese.                           DR                        SoSS    Morale
+ Goblin Leader (1 figure)                                 78          15       15
Goblin light foot                   3 (12 figures)       240           2       24
+Goblin light foot                 3 (12 figures)       240           2       24
Goblin light missiles             4 (12 figures)       225           2       24
Spiders lesser warbeasts       4 (6 figures)         180           3       18
Mounted Goblin                   4 (6 figures)          180           3       18
Oni greater warbeasts           8 (3 figures)          171           6         18
Spiders heavy riders             4 (3 figures)          243           8         24
                         Total 23                    1,542                    164 = 55 BECOMES SHAKEN

55 models, max unit size (1/3) 18, so 6 Goblins can form a guard and the rest a unit of 18.

Goblin Leader
Points 78
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Armor 3, Hero, Leader, Sword

Goblin Naginata
Points 20
Quality 5+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Terrifying Charge, Two Handed Weapon

Goblin Bow
Points 15
Quality 5+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Bow: Short

Mounted Goblin
Points 30
Quality 5+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Bow: Short, Long Move, Mounted: Light Horse

Spiders Small
Points 30
Quality 5+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Dashing, Mounted: Pony, Sword, Terrifying Charge

Points 57
Quality 4+
Combat 4
Special Rules
Armor 3, Axe, Dashing, Long Move, Slow

Spiders Big
Points 81
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Armor 2, Dashing, Long Move, Mounted: Warhorse, Terrifying Charge, Two Handed Weapon

Fortunately we'd done the chariot testing in March 15 so I had these mostly done.

Achaean                    DR                    SoSS        Morale
Spearmen light foot     3 (12 figures)   384                3    36
light foot javelin          4 (12 figures)   396                3    36
skeleton light foot       3 (12 figures)   108                0    00
archers                        4 (12 figures)   276                2    24
Satyr & amazon scouts 2 (6 figures)    27                 3      9
Chariots heavy riders   6 (3 figures)    330             11    22
+ upgrade Ch to Heroic Leader             30             17    17
                          Total 23                 1,551             189 /3 = 63 BECOMES SHAKEN

57 models so max unit size 19. As they're different types there's nothing to play with here, although the leader can be separated.

Points 32
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Pavise, Spear, Sword
Early spearman with tower shield

Points 33
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Javelin, Pavise, Sword
Javelin with tower shield

Points 9
Quality 6+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Expendable, Shield, Spear

Points 23
Quality 4+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Bow: Short
archer skirmisher

Points 9
Quality 4+
Combat 1
Special Rules
Javelin, Wavering
Satyr & Amazon scouts

Points 110
Quality 3+
Combat 2
Special Rules
Armor 3, Chariot: Light, Expert Charioteer, Long Move, Spear, Sword
Dendle armoured hero with spear

I failed totally to keep track of losses. Here's the final score
Japanese.                    Loss Morale loss 
Goblin Leader                    0
Goblin light foot                6     12
Goblin light foot              11     22
Goblin light missiles         2       4
Spiders lesser warbeasts   3       9
Mounted Goblin               3       9
Oni greater warbeasts       0
Spiders heavy riders         0
55 BECOMES SHAKEN  Total loss 56!

Achaean                 Loss Morale Losses
Spearmen light foot  7       21
light foot javelin       4       12
skeleton light foot  12       00
archers                     3         6
Satyr scouts             6       18
Chariots                   0          
Ch to Heroic Leader 0
Total 57   -  51 BECOMES SHAKEN

The Game

So at the end of the day and in the back of the net-. The Japanese became disordered first, quickly followed by the Achaeans. I had my chariots in his real but, he has his 2 remnant beast/light cavalry on hand and I had nothing to hit his two heavy units.

Hang on, rewind, start at the beginning. I had the Achaean’s. My set up was fairly normal, although I kept my skirmishers and chariots back. The throw away skellies were dead centre as a “come on”. It was my intention to use the javelin as a corridor to interpenetrate and hit Tony in the valuables.

Tony set up fairly standard but with his heavies in the centre backed up with archers, a sort of tactical reserve. Light cavalry (goblins) get an extra move at the start of each move and Tony used it to move in on my javelins, followed up by the left naginata. Thankfully I held and the cavalry retired.

I advanced my skirmishers in front of my spear, which proved too tempting to his spiders and they pounced and trounced. I advanced my spear and slapped them. Bit of luck, I'd expected them to slap my flank or rear. My archers and the naginata started a long ding-dong battle. By keeping in touch I managed to avoid their terrifying charge.

Slowly, slowly approached the Oni, mostly using reactions. They grind into my spear. With purpose the large spiders latch on to my skeletons. War horse mounted get a free hack on turnover and my skellies crumbled.

I'd expected an end-run from one or other of his light cavalry so I'd kept my chariots back. Here it comes and I send them in, pushing their lighter foes tumbling. With those flung back I started on the naginatas. I lose one charioteer. Eggshells armed with hammers.

By now my centre has disappeared and on my right my javelin reform, faced with the big spiders. Tony's hero leader goes against mine, killing a horse. I break free, but my now hampered leader is faced by the 2 remnant cavalries-.

I lost, but it was Pyrric to say the least. The spiders and Oni worked very well. A good fast game, much superior to the slow and clunky DR. Andrea! You need to develop this!

Spiders take the bait.

I had intended to strike through one of the light units with my chariots if no end run occurred.

Leaders view

Chariot wheels skirt with oblivion!

I had a centre----

Leader vs leader

Chariot veers off having lost the charioteer

My leader now seperated has cavalry behind him.