Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Flying Lead - Southpaws (space Raptors) vs the Llhurg

This is a trial game of Space Raptors – Southpaws vs Llhurgs. I'd half planned a game some time ago, but the concept has grown. Before we hit the mini campaign trail I want to make sure I've got the makings right.

Here goes. These stats are against each other. With a human opponent I usually use a LONG move, Llhurgs are usually STRONG.

Southpaw Walker APC

Points 68 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Rules Armored +1 (Thin), Long Move, Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 6 passengers, Vehicle

Armor Piercing, Auto Fire, Combat +4, Lethal vs. Soft Targets, Range: Long, Spread

Auto Fire, Combat +3, Range: Long, Spread

Southpaw militia - Sergeant
Points 152 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules -Assault Rifle, Body Armor, Jungle-craft, Leader, Personal Communication Device, Poor Shot, Running Blow, Stealth

Southpaw militia
Points 92 Quality 4+ Combat 3
Special Rules -Assault Rifle, Body Armor, Jungle-craft, Personal Communication Device, Poor Shot, Running Blow, Stealth

Southpaw patrol
APC 68
Chaingun 49
3x machine guns 93
5x Militia 460
Sergeant 152
Total 822

Llhurg gun car

Points 51 Quality 4+ Combat 2
Special Rules Long Move, Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 3 passengers, Vehicle

MG Mount
Auto Fire, Combat +4, Range: Long, Spread

Front Mount
Anti-Tank 1, Armor Piercing, Max Range 3 Medium, Slow Reload

Missile Carrier
Points 42 Quality 4+ Combat 1
Special Rules Long Move, Off-Road, Vehicle

Small Missile Launcher
4 Action Set Up, Grenade Combat 3, One Shot, Range: Long, Spread

Medium Missile Launcher
4 Action Set Up, Grenade Combat 4, One Shot, Range: Long, Spread

Llhurg Warrior
Points 42 Quality 4+ Combat 3
Special Rules -Machine Pistol, Dashing, Poor Shot

Llhurg Leader - Personality
Points 69 Quality 4+ Combat 3
Special Rules -Machine Pistol, CQB Specialist, Dashing, Leader, Poor Shot

Llurg camp
2x Car 102
2x MG 72
Gun 4
2 Missile Vehicle 84
6x Small Missiles 60
6x Medium Missiles 72
8x warriors 336
Leader 69
Total 799

The Game. I wanted a partially wooded table opening onto a clear area being used as a muster area for the Llhurgs.

As you can see above, there was no great discrepancy between the quality of the forces involved. We both had bad dice rolling, but mine was even worse than normal-.

Tony came in fairly cautiously and was spotted on the second move. One gun car tried a long shot that killed a few leaves while Tony's return stripped my observers off the hill. Taking the APC over and around the hill he engaged and killed the first gun car, failed to see the missile vehicle on his flank.

 The second missile vehicle, being unable to bring its gun to bear, tried ramming (in reverse) the APC but its slow speed prevented any damage. It died.

The Southpaws now mounted the second hill and stalked the last gun car. There was a slow speed chase that the APC won, machine gunning the Llhurg infantry into submission.

Meanstwhile my remaining missile car got into a firing position and launched off three rockets. One landed close, but was stopped- just, by the armour. My next activation was just 1, so not enough (2 crew requiring 2 activations to launch) to shoot, so the vehicle does a “scoot”. Not far enough though and the chaingun chews it up, exploding the remaining rockets in a scarlet blaze.

One thing's obvious, I need a lot more Llhurgs on the ground and some heavier vehicles. Possibly some armoured cars or tankettes.
I rather fancy 15mm.co.uk's new range  as an alternative to the Llhurgs. Their RPG troops against the walker, or a column of tanks would be fun. Shades of James Roach's The Zone series!