Wednesday, 1 August 2018

CD based movement bases- an evolution.

A few years ago I did some articles on cutting CD's and using CD movement trays.  This all goes back to the playtesting of Ganesha's Harder Than Steel, that required same.

Type 1.  I put a rough bit of card over the holes then covered each side with generic no-more-nails.  Painted up in different scheme.  Problem is, my green mat, they stick like velcro.  Now consider these are years old- rough storage and handling, no chipping, no side of wear.

Type 2.  Made as above but a very thin layer created as the rings for my Olympics project.  Surprisingly robust!  Even the chalk I rubbed over them is still there!

Type 3.  A copy-ish of modern laser cut.  A piece of cereal packaging card, holes cut out (oh what fun!), cut out then added to a thin layer of guess what.  A bit more gunk added.  I'll flock this eventually, just like a figure base.

Type 4.  I did these yesterday for use today in comparison with type 3.  Watch this space!  A number of pennies on card, pencil around then cut out- add to CD. I added the cut-out form to the base to raise up & make it easier to lift.  Now I need to see how they photograph in use. 

BTW, you leave overnight before cutting!