Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Traders I spotted at Beachead.

Last weekend I went to Beachead 2017 in Bournemouth. There's a few companies I saw that I'm going to keep my eye on:

The Square. No suprise there, I've had a steady stream of stuff of him and will always pick up something – in fact I spent ½ my budget on stuff, several bits you will see soon! One beastie I picked up was from a range called planet X- I'll see what else is available-. This week I bought destroyed machinery and some Egyptian ruins.

I also noticed a nice set of 25mm walls that would do excellent for the surround of a Chinese courtyard or the outer top of a Spanish fortification with added mini-minaret style towers. I hope to put in an order for Fisticuffs.

Plus a nice homestead that looked rough, ideal for a colonial setting. There's a dark ages set as well.

Sgt's Mess. I spent a lot with them, log barriers and dead cows I painted up for Sundays game (coming soon).  Again, their scale is 20mm but - so what.  Their modus operandi is to present you with the odd and unusual. Proper job.

Blotz is my no.1 MDF terrain manufacturer at the moment. I bought a pig stye you'll see in use, a sweet little gypsy caravan and a water wheel I'd have used last week. I couldn't resist the victorial gateway that I hope will suit my fencing. 

If you see 20mm, don't be put off, get it unless you have mini true-scale 15mm.

All the items are being scaled, so if you see something in another scale, the gentleman is very approachable and open to suggestions.

Same can be said of the owner of Wargamesterrain workshop. Now you may want to sit down. His stuff is inovative and sensibly priced. There's some nice dragons, a dragon skeleton/remains, fungi, alien plants and some very nice alien beasties- some of which would make excellent not-dinosaurs. I bought the Tori gate that I hope to get together soon.

That's it, please follow the links. I have not solicited freebies or any other inducement. I've seen it, liked it, bought it.