Monday, 30 November 2015

Spray foam rocks and other scenery

I was planning to did this quick article, then there was a post on the facebook 15mm scenery site, where someone had tried this and it had failed.

The story. A few years ago when we moved shop I had a quick repair job to do. Rather than do it properly I got a cheap can of spray-filler and did the job. I used it up on some scrap box type cardboard. Nothing fancy, I just sprayed small blobs on the cardboard. I left it overnight then tore it off.

A few years later I had hoped to do some more Aeronef, so I used some of the bits on an sheet of foamcore to make a group of islands. The double-height bits are secured with cocktail sticks. So then we move from that shop, so I chopped it up.

Now I have need of it. I'd already painted one bit, the cave, but the underlying colour shone through, and the paint didn't touch the holes. So this time I washed them in soapy water then applied a PVA & acrylic hobby mix fairly thickly over the still-wet surface. If you look closely you can see the odd finger print-. Then I sprinkled a blend of mixed sand on while still wet. I finished off with harmony extra hold hair spray (other hair sprays are available).

I noticed that the foamcore was warping when dry. I mounted 2 on CD's, securing and building the sides up with no-more-nails then finished off as above.

The effect I was after was a mix of the 2 types of rock you see in westerns – rounded rocks piled up for the convenience of the protagonists and a much more worn version of the tall pillars of rock with sand piled up around their base. The nice thing is – it's a rock, with no shrubbery they are “scalefree”.

I have a couple of ideas, but don't have a garden or similar to try it.

Quick, transportable table. Layers of cardboard glued together. Foam pipe insulation around the edges. Support in middle then fill with foam. Carve, paint, bit of flock and you're there.

Washing line or similar. Carrier or small bin bags. Twist the bag, hang something from it with a bulldog clip. Now squirt foam into the bag. Hopefully you'll get an interesting twisted spire a bit like a termite mound.

This isn't 15mm, I feel so  - dirty

here's one I didn't do earlier

You've seen this rock before in the Sheyang series, but I used up the paint, rather pleased with the result.

I've placed this on a contrasting CD movement tray to show how much I'd removed.

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