Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Single based Ancients - adding value, adding rules

Song of Spear and Shield meets DBA via Warbases prep.

I hate to have figures that are only usable for one game. As you've probably noticed I've got a nice selection of 1p and 2p bases from Warbases. 

These come in irregular and regular shapes and a wide variety of sizes. The service is very fast with email updates. I actually like the mahogany look of them and feel no need to repaint.

A recent TMP post sparked this article. DBA is a small wargame with a big feel. It's designed to recreate the feel of an army with few figures on 12 bases per army.

SOSS will use single figures. Put those figures on a base and you have your army. So there's supposed to be base sizes, so what? Just as long as they are both on the same?

Not forgetting OGAM and Battlesworn.

Here's some DBA I nicked from the web for your delectation and delight:

I/64 Early Japanese, 500BC-500AD.
Hilly. Ag: 1 before 275 AD. then 2. E = I/64, II/75, 76, 77. A = II/75
(a) Yayoi culture 500BC-274AD: 1x3Bw or 4Bd or 3Ax (Gen), 3x4Bd,
1x3Ax, 2x3Ax or 4Pk, 6x3Bw or 2Ps
(b) Kofun culture 275-407AD: 1x3Bw (Gen), 7x3Bw, 4x4Pk
(c) Kofun culture 408-500AD: 1x3Bw or 3Cv or 3Kn (Gen), 7x3Bw, 4x4Pk

The Yayoi
(available from Khurasan)
3 bow
16 blade
12 auxiliaries such as the axemen
4 pike
18 bow
4 skirmishers

57 figures, enough to have a 2 sided fight using SOSS or OGAM
These are my Medievals, blades, 2 auxiliaries, archers and cavalry.



3 x LCH Nobles/Heroes of Troy, Dardania, Anatolia, and Lykia
4 x 4Sp or 4Aux Trojan and Dardanian Spearman (MI)
2 x 3Aux Carians/Anatolian Highlanders
1 x 3Aux or 3Wb Lykians
1 x 2Ps Trojan/Dardanian (mix of slingers, archers and javelinmen)
1 x 2Ps or 3Wb or 3Bw Anatolian psiloi, Cicones/Thracian warband or Paeonian bowmen

3 light chariots, I'd go for Hittite model

16 spear
24 auxiliary
6 warband (seapeople type?)
4 javelin/slingers
3 archers

53 infantry and 3 chariots. Thinking OGAM here that the chariots & leaders will make good Legends.

Spear, archers, auxiliary


1x 3Bd Myrmidons (including Achilles)
2x 3Wb Thessalian, Phthian, and Abantean rank and file
1x 2Ps Skirmishers, including Thracians
1x 3Bd or LCh Achaean nobles
1x 3Bd Mycenaean warriors
2x 3Aux Mycenaean rank and file
Southwest & Islands
1x LCh Pylian eqeta (chariot warriors)
2x 4Pk Pylian and Island close order infantry
1x 2Ps Pylian and Island bowmen

2 chariots
12 blade
6 auxiliary
8 spear
6 warband
4 skirmishers

Spear, auxiliaries, warband & skirmishers

Wars of the roses

6x 4Lb, 1x 4Bd, plus any five out of the following: 4 x 4Lb, 2x 4Pk (Yorkist only), 2x 4Sp (Scottish schiltrons - Lancaster only), 1 x 2Ps, 1x Art, 1x 4Bd, 1x 3Cv, 1x 3Ax, or 1x 3Kn/4Bd.
40 longbow
12 blade
8 pike (Yorkist) or 8 Scottish pike/spear shiltron (Lancastrian)
1 artillery
3 cavalry
3 knights
3 auxiliary

63 infantry Ideal army to make from those plastic figures.

I hope I've given you some inspiration and an excuse to rummage around for all those figures lying around in the back of the wardrobe.